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It is not a training EXPENSE but it is an INVESTMENT


Our Upskilling Program offers advanced Data Science skill development for your employees. Upskill your teams to get training on state-of-the-art algorithms and tools for Machine Learning and BigData, and keep pace with the changing requirements of today’s business world.

Competitive Advantage

competitive advantage of Asigmo

Ensure your employees are kept up-to-speed on the latest skills and gain a competitive advantage. Give your employees the ability to learn on-the-job by acquiring valuable Data Science skills.

Immediate Rewards

increase revenue by upskilling your employee through asigmo program

Data Science skills will be immediately put into practice by your team, as Data Science is one of the areas with the most and fastest Return-on-Investment potential.

Contextualized Knowledge


At Asigmo, we thrive to deliver tailor-made training modules  that are designed to be immediately applied to the day-to-day workflow of your company. 

Interactive Training


We know that online training does not have the best track record when it comes to upskilling employees. Our carefully crafted curriculum is interactive and highlights learning by doing.

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