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Shiva Ghahremani


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Bernhard Maier

Legal Advisor

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Anastasia Orlova

Marketing Executive

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Dr. Wasif Masood

Data Scientist Lead

Magenta Telecom

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After finishing his masters in computer science, his zeal for knowledge and fervor of new endures led him to pursue his PhD where he gained ample experience in empirical modeling. Since the beginning of his data science career at Magenta Telekom Austria, he has been working on machine learning methods with sole purpose to improve business value and has now attained the position of the lead data science. In his brief four years experience, he has delivered several high profile use cases employing machine learning methods and is playing a pivotal role in the data-driven transformation of Magenta. He has delivered several lectures and has received several distinctions including the prestigious Cloudera data HERO award for year 2018.

Dr. Rania Wazir

Member of the Board
Vienna Data Science Group

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Dr. Rania Wazir is a mathematician and data science consultant. Her particular interests are social media monitoring (esp. monitoring for human rights offenses online/election observation), natural language processing, and trustworthiness/ethics in AI. She is vice chairperson of the Vienna Data Science Group (non-profit network of Data Scientists), and coordinator of the VDSG data4good initiative - which aims to make AI accessible, and provide DS/ML support to NGOs.  She is also member of the Austrian Standards Committee on AI, and Austrian delegate to the ISO Working Group on Trustworthy AI.

Liad Magen

Senior Software Engineer
Abacus Accounting Technologies GmbH

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Liad has extensive experience in the IT industry and has had various roles for over 20 years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. Besides his daily work in data science and machine learning fields, he frequently gives lectures and teaches programming, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Independent Mentors and Trainers

Mary Amieyeofori

Marketing Brand Manager MPR

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Asigmo is hiring

Junior Data Engineer

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Peter Graff, PhD

Senior Agile Coach
ITSDONE Services

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Peter Graff, MA, PhD (MIT) is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in agile organizations. As Senior Agile Coach at ITSDONE Services, Peter defined and evangelized a custom way of working balancing high priority IT operations and high stakes engineering projects. He is a cognitive behavioral therapist in training, skilled in computational linguistics, cognitive science, and data science. He has taught statistics and R at Harvard, McGill, UC Berkeley, and MIT as well as Psycholinguistics for the MIT Brain and Cognitive Science department and the linguistics department at the University of Vienna.

Davide Raffaele

Data Scientist
Mondi Group

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Davide is a data scientist and project leader at Mondi Group with a mission to deliver innovative Machine Learning products to the enterprise and to develop solutions that help factories reach new levels of resource productivity and effectiveness, in a safe and reliable way. Davide developed several end-to-end machine learning-driven automation solutions for industrial plants and personally trained tens of new-hires in machine learning and statistics. Davide holds two Master's degrees in engineering  

Vivien Roussez

Senior Data Scientist 
A1 Telecom Austria Group

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Vivien Roussez was trained as an economist and statistician at Ensae Paristech, in France. He worked as civil servant for 15 years in different administrations as data analyst or econometrician, and completed his training in machine learning and IT tools/infrastructures to become a fully skilled data scientist. He is now senior data scientist at A1 Telekom Austria Group, developing use cases for a wide range of business units. Since the beginning of his career, he has been teaching various statistical and data science topics in both academic and professional environments. He has been specializing in multidimensional, spatial, graph and time series analysis, and has a strong taste for data visualization

Ekaterina Stambolieva

Nine Space

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Katia is a serial impact entrepreneur, and a female space tech founder. She is a swiss-army knife, and in 2019 she was the only woman in Portugal who led and implemented a space tech project. She has extensive expertise in Machine Learning (9+ years of data science), Python (8+ years) and Satellite Image Analysis (2+ years). 0 to MVP in a sprint. She has taught NLP and Machine Learning at LxMLS, and was a teaching assistant for an Algorithms course at Coursera which follows the Stanford curriculum. 

Here is a list of all her teaching experience:

Read more about me at

Dr. Ehsan Vazifeh

Data Scientist
Generali Deutschland

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Ehsan is a visionary entrepreneur and data scientist. He holds a PhD from TU Wien. He currently works for top three insurance company worldwide. With his multidisciplinary background he brings valuable experience to projects in various sectors such as telecommunication, energy and construction. He has a solid understanding in various machine learning algorithm. Before becoming a data scientist, he has co-founded a Canadian startup, a platform for inventory planning powered by AI. 

Sanja Jovanovic

Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect 

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Sanja holds a degree in Information Systems from Vienna University of Economics and Business and spent a semester abroad at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. In 2018, she started working as a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft Austria, where she has been providing customers and partners across different industries with technical guidance on data and AI related topics on Microsoft’s cloud platform. Since March 2020 she has joined an international team within Microsoft to support customers and partners in Europe on their Big Data and Machine Learning journey.  Additionally, she drives different initiatives to encourage young women to consider career paths in the IT industry.

Mission statement: our mission is to efficiently increase the number of skilled Data Scientists in the job market and connect them with businesses.

Vision Statement: our vision is to become the market leader in global Data Science training.


Data Scientists bring data together, analyze and visualize them with the aim of turning the data into valuable information. In this way, Data Scientists shape the future of companies and are needed in the job market more than ever. It is in fact hardly imaginable anymore for businesses to make strategic decisions without data analysis. However, according to various surveys by the research institute IDC, there is a shortage of around 770,000 data specialists in the EU countries. Speedy advancement of technology, lack of intensive and highly professional training programs or the very high tuition of such programs are the main reasons for this shortage, posing a great recruitment challenge for big and small companies across the EU. 


Asigmo was therefore founded to expedite the process of Data Science training and to narrow the gap between the demand for and the availability of skilled Data Scientists in the job market. It is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

About Asigmo

Dr. Ramin Hasani

ML Researcher
TU Wien - MIT

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Ramin is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Computer Engineering of TU Wien, and the Computer Science and  Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), MIT. He has completed his PhD studies with honors in Computer Science, working on the foundational properties of deep learning models, such as expressivity, interpretability, and generalization, in robotic environments.

Mathias Lechner

PhD Student
IST Austria

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Mathias is a machine learning researcher at IST Austria where he is completing a PhD degree in Computer Science. His primary research focus is finding answers to fundamental deep learning challenges in robotics and autonomous control environments. Mathias is the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Young Alumnus Award at TU Wien, due to his work on Brain-inspired neural control.

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Asigmo is actively looking for industry senior experts in the fields of ML, AI, Data engineering and Data Architecture across whole Europe. Send your CV to us to become part of Asigmo trainer community.

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