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Asigmo’s Data Science Training Program is a 7-week full-time training program for eligible applicants holding a master's or PhD degree in (preferably) computer science or STEM disciplines. Earn yourself a position as Data Scientist or machine learning engineer in one of our partner companies. Top candidates for our program will be selected by reviewing applicants’ resume and backgrounds and by conducting technical interview(s).

COVID-19 update from Asigmo: Asigmo’s Data Science Training Program will take place hybrid (in-person and online), provided that it is safe to open up our classrooms . We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep everyone up to date on any changes. Should we decide to hold the program remotely for the safety reasons, we guarantee to deliver the same high quality to our online program.

Program's Main Benefits

Become a highly skilled Data Scientist, AI and Machine Learning Engineer, "the most promising jobs of this decade"

Get familiar with Bigdata tools and learn how to solve real world business problems, engage in exciting data analysis projects and help shape the future of your company

Get in personal contact with hiring managers and talent acquisitions of Asigmo's hiring partners during our networking events

Covered Software Stack

Program Syllabus

Education Objectives: During the Asigmo Data Science Program you will learn how to solve real world Data Science problems following standard CRISP-DM methodology. Our syllabus covers 6 phases:

  1. Business Understanding

  2. Data Understanding

  3. Data Preparation

  4. Modeling

  5. Evaluation

  6. Deployment


At each phase beside theories, you will have hands-on tools and frameworks that are common to solve industry problems. In order to see the full syllabus and description of each section, subscribe to Asigmo's Newsletter below.

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