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A journey through the Asigmo Data Science Training Program

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Week 1 started with Dr. Peter Graff who explored with Fellows what it takes to be a fully skilled Data Scientist: in the modern circumstances an Agile approach to work is one of the best (and also highly requested) skills that one can lead through the data-driven projects. Afterwards, Katia Stambolieva presented the aspects of data understanding: whilst Dr. Vazifeh elaborated upon the value driven aspects of data science and taught Fellows how to perform database management, Ms. Stambolieva covered the particularities of data structures.

During week 2, Vivien Roussez gave an intense drilling on the Data Explanation, Preparation and Statistics, in particular, using the R language. His elaborations on the different kinds of statistical methods of analysis followed up by Ms. Stambolieva with her teachings on the use of the Python language for data manipulation, preparation and visualization.

Continuing to the week 4 of the program, Dr. Ramin Hasani and Mathias Lechner took the Fellows over the convolutions of Deep Learning: Deep Computer Vision and Neural Networks are now only a breeze for Asigmo Fellows.

Finally, Dr. Wasif Masood led his 5 days focusing on the explorations of evaluation, clusterization and optimization, among a dozen of other facets of modelling in Data Science.

In the next 3 weeks the topics of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Ethics in AI will occupy the minds of our Fellows. Their hard work would be most perceptible in their final projects. Challenges never seemed to be so enticing! lectures and real coding practices.

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