Asigmo program is an intensive eight-week professional data science bootcamp engineered to be your bridge to a prosperous Data Science career.




  • Become a highly skilled Data Scientist, "the most promising jobs of this decade"

  • 320 Hours of interactive live data science bootcamp and mentoring

  • Over 10 senior industry experts

  • Maximum 15 participants


  • Get in-depth understanding of Bigdata tools

  • Learn how to solve real world business problems

  • Engage in exciting data science projects

Asigmo Data Science Bootcamp


  • Find your next data science role

  • Craft the perfect CV

  • Upgrade your interview skills

  • Participate in Asigmo networking events


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Education Objectives: During the Asigmo Data Science Bootcamp you will learn how to solve real world Data Science problems following standard CRISP-DM methodology. Our syllabus covers 6 phases:

  1. Business Understanding

  2. Data Understanding

  3. Data Preparation

  4. Modeling

  5. Evaluation

  6. Deployment


At each phase beside theories, you will have hands-on tools and frameworks that are common to solve industry problems. In order to see the full syllabus and description of each section, subscribe to Asigmo's Newsletter below.



Week 1

Business and data understanding
Hive and SQL

Week 2

Data exploration and statistics in R

Week 3

Mathematics and Algebra
Data exploration in Python

Week 4

Modeling and Hyperparameter Optimization

Week 5

Deep Learning
Recurrent Neural Network
Reinforcement Learning

Week 6

Natural Language Processing

Week 7

ML Operationalization

Week 8

AI ethics and final project

Asigmo Data Science Certification


INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE TODAY - with approximately 6500 job openings in the year 2020 in the United States, Data Scientists rank third on Glassdoor as the most desired jobs. The situation is not different in the EU, and Data Scientists are among the most in-demand talents across the continent.

* If you are interested in external financing, we recommend that you contact credit institutes well in advance to explore your options. There are several banks and other financial institutes in Austria offering credit to students, such as Fund of Excellence, Erste Bank, Bank Austria and Raiffeisenbank Bausparkasse. Furthermore, there are grants promoting career success for students residing in Vienna, such as WAFF – Wiener ArbeitnehmerInnen Förderungsfonds, and some for researchers moving to Austria, such as Talente – Ausschreibung Karriere-Grants FFG.



How do I become a Data Scientist?

In order to become a data scientist, you need to have strong mathematical and analytical backgrounds. Asigmo is designed to help you transition to a data scientist by going through an intensive 8-week full-time training program.


When and where will the next bootcamp take place?

The next Asigmo Program will take place in summer 2021. Exact start date can be found on our website.


What are the requirements for applying for the Asigmo program?

The only requirements for applying to Asigmo Data Science bootcamp are to having a master's or PhD degree in (preferably) computer science or STEM disciplines, as well as programming knowledge (preferably R/Python) and working proficiency in the English language.


Can I submit an application for the Asigmo program for more than one session?

In case we announce more than one session, you are eligible to apply for more than one. However, you need to specify your preferred session while applying for the program.

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