Create opportunities and provide traineeship for next Data Scientists

as Asigmo Ambassador

Create opportunities and provide training for next generation of Data Scientists

as an Asigmo Ambassador

The Asigmo Ambassador Program aims at expanding the network of Data Scientists and Partner Companies in Europe through the help of official Asigmo Ambassadors in different countries. The Asigmo Ambassador acts as a middle point between Asigmo Stakeholders and assists them in the process of knowledge transfer, while drawing the benefits of Asigmo's multisided support. 

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  1. To increase awareness and recognition of Asigmo across Europe

  2. To help setting up and guiding the national or regional Training Teams of Asigmo

  3. To build the network of people representing Asigmo in all countries of the EU and EEA

  4. To create opportunities for upskilling and education for future Data Scientists 

  5. To train more Data Scientists and connect the Partner companies with them, supplying the ever growing demand for the skilled Data Science professionals 

  6. To facilitate the exchange of Data Scientists between the countries

  7. To empower Fellows, especially women, taking up new challenges in their Data Science careers 


  1. Building a Training Team in the host country

  2. Networking to identify the prospective Partners and Fellows and generate public and private interests

  3. Provide necessary information about the Asigmo Data Science Program(s) and opportunities for Partners

  4. Consistently be involved in different promotional and organisational activities with various entities in order to create opportunities for Partnerships.

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  1. Have a profound knowledge and interest in or engaged in Data Science, academically or in the industry 

  2. Have a desire to build Asigmo Training and Partnership opportunities in their home country or region 

  3. Those who share knowledge and experience, and provide consultation both to the future Fellows, Partners and the Asigmo itself 


  1. Financial, infrastructural and legal support

  2. Compensation after execution of the Training Program

  3. Network between the Partner Countries, including Trainers exchange  

  4. Possibility to build a stronger professional network and improve career opportunities

  5. Platform for recognition and knowledge exchange 

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